Antoine + Stanley Mens Designer Shoes – Cool With An Urban-Edge.

Here we have another wonderful mens shoe line, Antoine + Stanley. Antoine + Stanley is a mens designer shoe company dealing mostly with leather. They have a huge range of styles that go against conservative cuts and materials and includes enough choice to meet the tastes of all young-blooded or young at heart males. This shoe label is not for followers or the guys who give in to current fads, Its time to stop caring about what everyone else is wearing and be your own person. Antoine + Stanley shoes are made to last. Their timeless styles will keep others viewing you as well dresses for years to come. They have been worn by celebrities such as Jason Derulo, and are all hand made. Antoine + Stanley beginnings come from beautiful Sydney Australia and now stocked in over 150 boutiques worldwide. Cant find them in stores? No problem, They offer free shipping through their online store and are all under $200 rrp.

Please read more and shop at

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Celebrity Fashion Boutique –

Since beginning HSK I have always felt that as humans we should always help support smaller family run companies before the larger corporate companies ( If they provide great quality product along with great customer service ) So what if you love the products the corporate companies produce? Luckily their are many small retailers/boutique’s who offer major brand labels such as Gucci. One of our favorit boutiques happens to be an online boutique called . One Honey Boutique has many great garments offered at some amazing prices. They even cary what we like to call “Every Girl Needs”. Every Girl Needs are the garments Henri Sakara feels are musts for every girl to have in their closet. Every Girl Needs a couple pair of Thigh High Boots, a couple Monokinis, and a beautiful summer bikini. has some amazing Thigh High Boots. Our favorite are the Grey Suede Thigh High Boots w Pink Sole . Being a swimwear designer our favorits in their store are from their wide collection of Monokinis and bikinis, some of which are to die for. Make sure to check out the beautiful Black w Silver Jewel Monokini and our favorit 2 piece – Sexy Festival White Silver Chain is a great celebrity fashion boutique and hope you all check them out.

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body magic reshaping garments

Tired of starving yourself weeks before a special event or vacation to get rid of a few of those extra pounds? Dont let a special event or vacation throw you of guard to the point you’re starving yourself damaging your health. This is not how the professionals do it, This is not how you should do it. So how do the professionals do it? Their are many tricks the pros will use to remove those unwanted pounds. Some fast, some slow and some indefinite. This trick is for those people who dont want an indefinite lifestyle change or a workout / diet program. You will lose the image of your unwanted belly fat in seconds with body magic reshaping garments. body magic reshaping garments will allow you to drop a dress size in just 10 minutes with no diet, surgery or exercise. If you’re a guy you’re not left out. You can drop a pant size, Their vests look great! and they also have great back support.

Make sure to check our friends out at.

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Tonic Concepts is developing a Premium EZ Pass Holder for your Fastrak pass!

A product so great we are back for more. We really love this product here at HSK and feel and hope our readers will as well. Tonic Concepts manufactures the highest quality, most luxurious, and unique / personal cases for your toll road devices. Tonic Concepts has informed us that they are in the works of producing case’s for California residents and our Fastack pass devices. Not only does the innovative tonic t case give drivers the option of having a blemish free windshield, they give you many options of styles and colors to dress your device up with. If you’re interested in hiding your pass by blending it into your cars interior and look or if you’re one of those people who want to stand out and be heard Tonic Concepts have designed the pass holders you will love. Printed, Glossy pantent leather, Pearl white, or even personal options cater to all. Thats right you can order a personal cover with your logo or business name printed on your toll road device cover. Tonic Concepts is a must stop and shop site for any of you who live near or use a toll road regularly. Be sure to check up frequently for the release of the Fastrack pass covers.

Visit their website at

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E-Boutique at (STELLA & DOT)

Do you love Jewelry? how about free jewelry! At Stella & Dot they allow you to earn jewelry while indulge with your friends. Independent jewelry Stylists offer Trunk Shows to friends, family and new combers to view, chat and grow their new jewelry wardrobe. So whats so great about Stella & Dot other than their beautiful jewelry? They allow you to become your very own stylist, coordinate your very own trunk shows, and earn your very own money to go towards your jewelry collection. Whats a trunk show? A trunk show is a special event within the fashion world in which an artist, designer or stylist puts on a special display for review by their selected group. Trunk shows are very easy to put on as well as very fun. If you like having a good time you’re going to love being your very own stylist at your very own trunk show. Chatting while drinking Wine and eating cheese, crackers and almonds. Girlfriends + jewelry = a very good time! And lets not forget you’re going to be getting free jewelry along the way. Its a Win WIn Win situation.

Please view their website for more information at

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Fashion in the fast lane – Toll Road Fashion spices up your ride

Do you live in an area where you’re constantly using a toll road with some type of ugly fast pass device such as the EZPass, IPass, Smart tag, Smart Pass, or FastLane Pass? Do you love your car and want to keep it clean looking? lets face it the toll road devices are down right ugly and if you’re any type of car lover or fashion lover you’re going to love this new product I found. This nifty product allows you to keep your luxury car luxurious by dressing up that little white box on your windshield and transforming it into something beautiful. Tonic Concepts has created a premium luxury leather case to cover your toll road device. You can order direct from their website and they offer many different choices of fabric constructions and colors to match your personality or your cars interior. Its time to hide or dress up that ugly device, check out Tonic Concepts today at

Not yet convinced? Check out their video. You might love what you see :D

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Gracianna – Fine wine maker makes the best pinots in the world from Sonoma County

Fine wine and gratitude are always in fashion. If you are thankful for your success – order award winning Gracianna wines are from Sonoma County and they ship direct. This new find producer is run by a young brother and sister team and they make one of the best pinots in the world (the chardonnay is light oak and tropical and zin is a rush of deep flavor like midnight and silky soft – these two aren’t so bad either). Gracianna Winery is for those with something to be grateful for.

Gracianna symbolizes everyday gratitudes and graciousness in entertaining because they believe that successfully hosting a special meal with friends and family is an everlasting circle that fills our lives.

Make sure to check them out online at by clicking HERE

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Tacha Tredz – The Boutique

Here at HSK we love trendy jewelry and apparel. We like to stay current with up to date items that will allow us to stand out, being seen and best of yet being asked where we got our garments or jewelry from. I have come across yet another amazing online retail shop. Don’t run away just yet, this shop is different. Offering you style’s you cant find in stores or at any major retailer. Tacha Trendz Boutique has many items you’re going to love. Our favorit are the Couture hats, I will be ordering one for an upcoming Sakara photoshoot. It’s hard to put what amazing styles they have available into words. is a must visit. They offer many categories of merchandise such as Bracelets, Couture Hats, Earlaces, Hats, Necklaces, Rings and watches. Make sure to check out this store. We back them up 100% You will love their styles and amazing taste.

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Love Your Skin? Interested In Skin Care? Is For You

Proper skin care is vital if you’re concerned about your physical appearance. In todays times skin care is very important. Poor skin care habits can lead to rashes, sores, acne and wrinkles. Our friends at have the skin care Tips, Reviews and offer many links to great products to help preserver and protect your skin to help boost your physical appearance many with Risk Free Trial Offers. Proper skin care means cleansing it properly. Skin needs moisture to survive. Dont use iffy highly advertised products that do nothing to protect your skin or can even harm it. Read reviews and learn whats best for your skin on

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Reviews

Skin Care Products

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AIGLE Rubber Footwear handcrafted in Europe

Looking for a top quality rubber boot? If you’re looking for a rubber bood or just a boot lover you’re going to lover what our friends at AIGLE (‘EAGLE’ in English and pronounced ‘Eh-gleu’) have been producing. Aigle produces high quality rubber handcrafted footwear in Europe. Aigle has a great heritage and was established in France in 1853. Here at HSK we love companies that put in extra attention to detail and provide a high quality product. These are not your poorly made rubber boots made in china that you find at swap meets. Employees at Aigle are required to go thought a 24 month training session to learn how to make a boot.

A rubber boot does not mean its a rain boot. At Aigle there are many different types of boots that serve many functions. In there collection of boots you will find boots that fall into the categorize of Lifestyle, Children, Sailing, Hunting, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Farming and Gardening. Bellow we are attaching a video of Aigle boots being manufactured in there safe, clean and friendly manufacturing plant. No sweatshop workers found at Aigle footwear.

Please visit there site

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