How To Make Zebra Stripes on Nails

I have recently come across this neat post on how to make Zebra stripes on nails. It’s a fun and free way for all of you to learn how to paint your very own Zebra Stripes on your finger nails.
Do you feel you don’t have the ability to be creative or artistic? Do you continue to pay nail salons to paint your nails? Its time to stop and learn for yourself. Save money and have fun. You’re friends will start coming to you to learn your tips and tricks. And who knows maybe start to pay you or tip you nicely.
This post from the Florida guy has a full detailed list for each step needed to paint your nails with a Zebra print or Zebra print of your own color choices. They even go into detail about the types of items your going to need, the type of soap you should use and how to apply a proper base coat and clear coat.
Don’t like to read and learn? Well you’re in luck. They didn’t forget about all of you visual learners. Yes thats right, they have even put in the time to help you visual learners with your fingernails by offering two full length detailed videos on how to apply Zebra prints to your finger nails.
I encourage all of you to check out this site and learn. Even if you’re not interested in painting your nails with zebra stripes there is still something to learn hear. You can even take the knowledge you gain here and apply it to your own designs. This site will be placed in HSK’s top sites to view for all men and ladies interested in painting their nails.

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