Celebrity Fashion Boutique – OneHoneyBoutique.com

Since beginning HSK I have always felt that as humans we should always help support smaller family run companies before the larger corporate companies ( If they provide great quality product along with great customer service ) So what if you love the products the corporate companies produce? Luckily their are many small retailers/boutique’s who offer major brand labels such as Gucci. One of our favorit boutiques happens to be an online boutique called OneHoneyBoutique.com . One Honey Boutique has many great garments offered at some amazing prices. They even cary what we like to call “Every Girl Needs”. Every Girl Needs are the garments Henri Sakara feels are musts for every girl to have in their closet. Every Girl Needs a couple pair of Thigh High Boots, a couple Monokinis, and a beautiful summer bikini. OneHoneyBoutique.com has some amazing Thigh High Boots. Our favorite are the Grey Suede Thigh High Boots w Pink Sole . Being a swimwear designer our favorits in their store are from their wide collection of Monokinis and bikinis, some of which are to die for. Make sure to check out the beautiful Black w Silver Jewel Monokini and our favorit 2 piece – Sexy Festival White Silver Chain

OneHoneyBoutique.com is a great celebrity fashion boutique and hope you all check them out.

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