Tonic Concepts is developing a Premium EZ Pass Holder for your Fastrak pass!

A product so great we are back for more. We really love this product here at HSK and feel and hope our readers will as well. Tonic Concepts manufactures the highest quality, most luxurious, and unique / personal cases for your toll road devices. Tonic Concepts has informed us that they are in the works of producing case’s for California residents and our Fastack pass devices. Not only does the innovative tonic t case give drivers the option of having a blemish free windshield, they give you many options of styles and colors to dress your device up with. If you’re interested in hiding your pass by blending it into your cars interior and look or if you’re one of those people who want to stand out and be heard Tonic Concepts have designed the pass holders you will love. Printed, Glossy pantent leather, Pearl white, or even personal options cater to all. Thats right you can order a personal cover with your logo or business name printed on your toll road device cover. Tonic Concepts is a must stop and shop site for any of you who live near or use a toll road regularly. Be sure to check up frequently for the release of the Fastrack pass covers.

Visit their website at

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