Fashion in the fast lane – Toll Road Fashion spices up your ride

Do you live in an area where you’re constantly using a toll road with some type of ugly fast pass device such as the EZPass, IPass, Smart tag, Smart Pass, or FastLane Pass? Do you love your car and want to keep it clean looking? lets face it the toll road devices are down right ugly and if you’re any type of car lover or fashion lover you’re going to love this new product I found. This nifty product allows you to keep your luxury car luxurious by dressing up that little white box on your windshield and transforming it into something beautiful. Tonic Concepts has created a premium luxury leather case to cover your toll road device. You can order direct from their website and they offer many different choices of fabric constructions and colors to match your personality or your cars interior. Its time to hide or dress up that ugly device, check out Tonic Concepts today at

Not yet convinced? Check out their video. You might love what you see :D

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