E-Boutique at StellaDot.com (STELLA & DOT)

Do you love Jewelry? how about free jewelry! At Stella & Dot they allow you to earn jewelry while indulge with your friends. Independent jewelry Stylists offer Trunk Shows to friends, family and new combers to view, chat and grow their new jewelry wardrobe. So whats so great about Stella & Dot other than their beautiful jewelry? They allow you to become your very own stylist, coordinate your very own trunk shows, and earn your very own money to go towards your jewelry collection. Whats a trunk show? A trunk show is a special event within the fashion world in which an artist, designer or stylist puts on a special display for review by their selected group. Trunk shows are very easy to put on as well as very fun. If you like having a good time you’re going to love being your very own stylist at your very own trunk show. Chatting while drinking Wine and eating cheese, crackers and almonds. Girlfriends + jewelry = a very good time! And lets not forget you’re going to be getting free jewelry along the way. Its a Win WIn Win situation.

Please view their website for more information at StellaDot.com

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