AIGLE Rubber Footwear handcrafted in Europe

Looking for a top quality rubber boot? If you’re looking for a rubber bood or just a boot lover you’re going to lover what our friends at AIGLE (‘EAGLE’ in English and pronounced ‘Eh-gleu’) have been producing. Aigle produces high quality rubber handcrafted footwear in Europe. Aigle has a great heritage and was established in France in 1853. Here at HSK we love companies that put in extra attention to detail and provide a high quality product. These are not your poorly made rubber boots made in china that you find at swap meets. Employees at Aigle are required to go thought a 24 month training session to learn how to make a boot.

A rubber boot does not mean its a rain boot. At Aigle there are many different types of boots that serve many functions. In there collection of boots you will find boots that fall into the categorize of Lifestyle, Children, Sailing, Hunting, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Farming and Gardening. Bellow we are attaching a video of Aigle boots being manufactured in there safe, clean and friendly manufacturing plant. No sweatshop workers found at Aigle footwear.

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