Handmade Luxury shoes that make you taller

Growing up I was always taught that the fastest way to judge a person is by the shoes they wear. A Quality, Stylish Clean Shoe plays a huge factor on how others view you. Your stance and presence play another important roll on how you’re viewed by others. So does this mean you have to go out and buy yourself a new pair of Gucci dress shoes? NO! Firstly buying a pair of Gucci shoes is the epitome of tacky. So where should you get your shoes? How does you enhance your presence? You do so with Dons Footwear. Dons footwear manufactures handmade shoes that are the Rolls Royce of footwear. Footwear that increases your height to present your self better in this competitive world we live in. So why should you buy a shoe that increases your height? There are many positive reasons for buying a shoe to make you taller. Your confidence will improve, The taller gentleman always attracts the attention of beautiful women, You will feel more attractive towards women, Your posture will improve, A gentleman’s average height in North America is 5’ 9”, About 90 percent of company chief executives are of above average height, You will feel more positive and assertive at social gatherings, and most importantly is Enhances your presence. With many great styles and colors I encourage anyone looking for a new pair of shoes to check out Dons Footwear and donsfootwear.com. Or get a closer more personal look at how the shoes are made by viewing their blog at LuxuryShoes.us

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