Today’s startups hit Facebook, welcoming brands such as the House of Hummingbird

In today’s world the Internet is making it easy for the entrepreneur minded to get out there and be found. Through websites like twitter and Facebook it’s easy for anyone with a little time to be herd, viewed and purchases from. I have came across a beaded jewelry line named “House Of Hummingbird” on Facebook which was founded in 2011 but already has a very large following with over 1500 people who like them on Facebook and over 2500 followers on twitter!! House Of Hummingbird has created a large mass of people who love and care for them. House of Hummingbird offers one off handmade pieces, each individually designed. With a blend of natural & vibrantly colored beads, textures and styles. You can find a piece you love for a price you love. Help out by supporting new companies and join their large following at Facebook & Twitter

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