For the past four months the design team at HSK has been working on a new collection ready for summer 2012. This collection will offer a fusion of everything HSK was in the past into one unique collection that will set way for the direction of HSK in the future. Would also like to add we are now offering a full MENS collection!! Along with the same great quality you expect from HSK in our past.

I would like to also let you know that we will no longer be selling blog post ad’s for other companies. And were in tough finical times and needed to make every dollor possible. We are very sorry, but this what was needed to keep HSK ALIVE.

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Top brand name luggage at Unbelievable prices.

Going on a vacation soon or a frequent traveler? Stop shlepping around ugly or non attractive luggage you found at some swap meet or discount store. LuggageBase.com sells a huge variety of luggage designs and styles many of which are top name brands and sell for up to 85% off retail. Now is the time to replace your worn out luggage or Kipling bags with ones that match your personally, style and taste. LuggageBase is your home base for all your luggage needs no matter how large or small your luggage needs are LuggageBase.com will have what you’re looking for. With many names brands such as Samsonite, Sherpani, Timberland, Oakley, Lewis N Clark, Kliping, Atlantic and many many more you can rest easy in knowing that you’re getting the quality you’re looking for at a price you just cant believe. And to make the deal even more amazing Luggage Base offers free shipping on all orders $50 or more. Check out their amazing luggage and start saving.

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Stop Paying Retail For Your Online Purchases With the Help From DiscountDiscount.co.uk

Are you an online shopper? If so and you shop for clothing or pretty much anything online make sure you’re getting the discounts you deserve. Buy the clothing or fashion assessors you need at a price much lower then you would normally be paying. DiscountDiscount.co.uk helps you save money on all your online purchases with their extensive list of coupons and offers to many of the online stores you already shop at such as ASOS or Dorothy Perkins. ASOS discount codes and Dorothy Perkins Discount codes are just a few. Sopping online has never been easier on your wallet. DiscountDiscount.co.uk finds the bargains for you. All you have to do is view their site before you make your next purchase or view their website for available discounts on new sites for you to discover.. Make sure to check them out and start saving today!

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ColorContacts4u.com Fast Reliable Contact Store

Looking for colored contacts? Need to change the color of your eyes or make them more vivid? if so and you’re in the need of some beautiful colored eyes either for a photo shoot, special event, costume party or just to show off your personality ColorContacts4u.com is the site to get them. We have been using color contacts for years for photoshoots and halloween and used to have to shop for them at swap meets and markets in china town. ColorContacts4u.com makes getting your contacts easy fast and ontop of them from my personal experience they are reliable and very friendly with helping you with your needs. I give this colored contact contact store a 5 out of 5 rating.

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Become Fashion Art Work With A Beautiful Wall Mirror

Wall mirrors are not something many of you may view as Fashionable or even expect to be found here on the HSK Blog. I bring this to your attention because it plays a huge part in your home decor and your every day life. Every morning we wake up and get ready for our day. Many of us spend a large amount of this time viewing ourself in the mirror. So even if you only spend 10 minutes a day getting ready in front of the mirror thats over 60 hours a year ( Longer than a full weeks work ) and im positive many of us spend much longer then 10 minutes a day in front of the mirror . So if we are spending this much time in front of the mirror isn’t it reasonable to get one that looks even half as good as you will after you’re done using it? Here at HSK we think yes and have many beautiful mirrors we use regularly for hair and makeup for our models before runway shows and photo-shoots. Why dont we just use boring industrial type mirrors? because your hair and makeup is an art form and deserves to be framed. Become your own art piece every morning with a beautiful framed wall mirror from our favorite online mirror store WallMirrorsToGo.com . Wall Mirrors To Go have a huge selection of mirrors that will match your personality and home very easily at a price that beats all others. No matter what style and taste you have Wall Mirrors To Go will have what you’re looking for. They even offer free shipping on over 3000+ mirrors. Stop looking at your beautiful sell in an ugly mirror and upgrade or add another one today at WallMirrorsToGo.com and if you need help they are more than happy to help and have amazing customer service.

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Woow!! Always New In Fashion with Woownow.com

We have found your new one stop shop for all your fashion apparel needs. Woownow.com sells many fashion forward pieces. No mater what your location is wether its hot or cold WoowNow sells current trend garments you will love. If you’re in the need for dresses, jackets, cardigans, trousers, jeans, work wear, shoes, swimwear, jumpsuits, legging, jeggins, skirts or accessories Woownow will have them in many beautiful styles to choose from. So whats so Woow about Woownow.com?  Their amazing price range. Amazing high quality products for prices you cant find at Forever21!  WoowNow has many years of experience in the clothing industry. They apply this experience and aim it to bring you the best quality of fashion at affordable prices. Offering a wide range of up to date Womenswear trends from clothing, accessories, foot wear and jewelry.

If you’re a girl and care about how you look and dress Woownow.com is a must!  Book mark this website, you’re going to love it. When reviewing websites and stores its very easy to go on and on with their out of style garments, ugly color choices, or how they are not following current trends. But with a website like this in which I love so much I find it hard to write about. They have amazing styles for amazing prices with amazing service so im going to end this post with the only thing that comes to mind when viewing their online store  WOW!! or WOOW!!!

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Get the Scarf or Beach Wrap You’ve been looking for.

Looking for a new scarf? To hot? How about a beach wrap? If so, lucky you! I have recently come across an amazing online store that caters in selling scarfs and beach wraps. Anytime Scarfs sells a broad range of scarfs made from the materials and colors/prints of your choice. With brand names such as TDM Design, Bundya Collection, Fluxus, Yarnz, Saks Fifth Ave and their own label Anytime Scar you’re granted to find the scarf you’ve been looking for. I have personally shopped for scarfs and has always been one of the most difficult items to find in retail stores or boutiques. Anytime Scarfs brings you all the styles and brands all in one place. Covenants is key at anytime scarf, no more will you have to drive around all day in search for the perfect scarf. I have even had bad luck when shopping on Rodeo drive for the perfect scarf!! :(
Being a swimwear designer I’m absolutely in love with their choice of Beach wraps. They have hand picked beautiful styles for you and have a very affordable price range. Not one of their coverups are priced at over $30. They even offer free shipping on all orders of $50 or more. AnytimeScarf.com is a very professional online retailer, I would personally recommend this to my personal friends and family without hesitating.

Make sure to check out AnytimeScarf.com for your next scarf or beach wrap purchase.

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Great Fashionable Garments and Assessors That Fit Your Personality.

Here is yet another great online store that sells garments with styles that will fit any outgoing personality. Jen In Style is a very neat online clothing retail store that offers Dresses, Jumpsuits, Tops, Shorts, Shoes and Accessories. Jen in Style can be found on the web at JenInStyle.com. Get in style this summer with many of their pieces that are stylish and come along with the functionality that comes with light shear fabrics mixed with lace and trims. Staying cool this summer and being stylish is very difficult in the summer. Many of us love the winter seasons because we get to dress up in our highly stylish jackets, scarves, shoes, and tops. Jen Is Style has selected many stylish pieces that allow you to DRESS UP in the summer, while still dressing down to stay cool and stylish. You will love many of their attractive pieces. Looking for a new pair of heals or sandals? If so you have come to the right place. I am shocked that they are even able to sell them for the prices they are at. A highly designed sandal is selling for only $22.00! I cant find a nice pair like this at ROSS for that price. Make sure to check out this online store. You will be amazed with their fashionable clothes at reasonable prices.

Click HERE to view their online store.

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How To Make Zebra Stripes on Nails

I have recently come across this neat post on how to make Zebra stripes on nails. It’s a fun and free way for all of you to learn how to paint your very own Zebra Stripes on your finger nails.
Do you feel you don’t have the ability to be creative or artistic? Do you continue to pay nail salons to paint your nails? Its time to stop and learn for yourself. Save money and have fun. You’re friends will start coming to you to learn your tips and tricks. And who knows maybe start to pay you or tip you nicely.
This post from the Florida guy has a full detailed list for each step needed to paint your nails with a Zebra print or Zebra print of your own color choices. They even go into detail about the types of items your going to need, the type of soap you should use and how to apply a proper base coat and clear coat.
Don’t like to read and learn? Well you’re in luck. They didn’t forget about all of you visual learners. Yes thats right, they have even put in the time to help you visual learners with your fingernails by offering two full length detailed videos on how to apply Zebra prints to your finger nails.
I encourage all of you to check out this site and learn. Even if you’re not interested in painting your nails with zebra stripes there is still something to learn hear. You can even take the knowledge you gain here and apply it to your own designs. This site will be placed in HSK’s top sites to view for all men and ladies interested in painting their nails.

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Resort Condominium Lodging Rentals From WestWeeks.com

This one is for all of our viewers who travel. Wether its for the Magic Trade show in Nevada, a vacation or a business trip, plan your next trip to be one in style with Vacation Condo Rentals. WestWeeks.com offers and specializes in resort condominium lodging rentals in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington States. If you ever stress out about getting a condo in the “Red Weeks” the weeks of high demand such as Christmas, Special event dates or major holidays, have no fear WestWeeks.com focus on getting you the rental you desire during most desirable or vacation or event times. Lets face it we all love to eat when on vacation and we like to eat WELL. WestWeeks.com gives out free food gift certificates with every week worth of stay you reserver with WestWeeks.com. Dont settle for some dinky motel you found on one of those trendy travail websites you viewed on a tv commercial. WestWeeks.com has the rental for you with the service you require and will never charge you any hidden fee’s. The price you see is the price you pay.

Check out WestWeeks.com for yourself :D

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